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Gregory German (
Mon, 8 Aug 88 20:35:39 cdt

>>>This is a bit tangential an answer to the original question "Who has
>>>NFS on MacOS?". For small machines there are NFS implementations
>>>available for both the IBM PC and Amiga. Sun sells PC-NFS for the
>>>IBM PC - package price is ~$900. Ameristar Technology sells NFS
>>>for the Amiga - package cost also $900. Since part of my time
>>>is spent at Ameristar, I'll allow myself the luxury of giving
>>>their phone number: (516) 698-0834. You probably already know
>>>how to contact Sun anyways :-).
>>>Rick Spanbauer
>>>Ameristar Technology

Here is a list of PC-NFS prices FYI. I just thought I would point out the
$995 price for the PC included an ethernet card.

PC-NFS-56 Media: $325 (1-4 copies) - $175 (250+ copies)

PC-NFS-51 Media and Manual: $395 (1-4 copies) - $220 (250+ copies)

PC-NFS-3C-51 Media, Manual and Board: $995 (1-4 copies) - $645 (250+ copies)

You can get down to about $100/copy of the software with right to copy
options if you are heavy (500+) use.

I have not checked recently, but the board included was the 3COM 3C501
last time I checked. (Sept. 1987)

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