BOOTP 'vendors'

Bill Croft (croft@csli.Stanford.EDU)
Mon, 8 Aug 88 17:38:36 PDT

Although I havent been keeping close track, here is a partial list of
companies and organizations using BOOTP or offering it in their
products. This also includes organizations that are evaluating it or
running it in-house in their R&D groups. (Let me know if your name
isnt on the list).

Since client and server implementations are public domain and FTPable
from, it is straightforward for a vendor to use
it in their products. One of the next issues of ConneXions has an
overview article on BOOTP by Jeff Mogul of DEC's Western Research Lab.

        Cisco, FTP Software, DEC (server in next Ultrix release),
        Silicon Graphics, Kinetics (CMU ROMs), DCA, BBN, Data
        General, HP Labs, Spider Systems Ltd., Ciba-Geigy AG,

        Stanford, CMU, MIT, Rutgers, Rice, Boston U., U. Maryland, U.
        Michigan, Harvard, Penn-State, Purdue, McMaster U., etc.

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