Jim Stevens (Stevens@A.ISI.EDU)
Mon 8 Aug 88 17:11:40-EDT

A colleague of mine who is not currently connected to the Internet asks
the following question:

  We are looking for a commercial version of FTP and TELNET that
  supports and runs within the auspices of VAX/VMS version 5.0 for our
  VAX 11/785 cluster.

  We are getting ready to convert our VAX cluster over to version 5.0,
  and have been advised that our EXCELAN version of FTP and TELNET are
  not currently supported under 5.0. EXCELAN is currently working on a
  5.0 version, however it is not currently available.

  If anyone has any data that can help us out, it would certainly be

Please respond directly to me.

Thanks, Jim Stevens (Stevens@A.ISISI.EDU)

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