RE: Van's algorithms in Streams

Dave Crocker (dcrocker@TWG.COM)
8 Aug 88 11:02:00 PDT

To answer Van's query about my previous note:

We do not expect Berkeley code to port directly over to our Streams
implementation. While it would be delightful if it did, the Streams
architecture lends itself to a substantially different implementation
style, although many of the routines can translate quite easily. In the
good cases, this means that the left window on your screen shows BSD and
the right show the streams code, and you do fairly straightforward

The other piece of my comment was simply management-speak for saying that
we don't have any in-house experience with this software revolution wrought
by Van, et cie, so that we ought to gain some familiarity with its
dynamics before shipping it to customers (who have a fairly strong expectation
that we will support the code we ship.) Given the history of Van's
changes to TCP code, I suspect that my m-speak was mostly a formality.


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