modification to arp

Michael F.H. Nittmann (
Mon, 08 Aug 88 10:13:04 PDT

of course I am shure many other people thought of it, perhaps I missed
it, so I shall dare to speak it out (got my asbestos overall):

Why not resolve the problem of a dead hosts's ARP entries at least for orderly
downed hosts by a FLUSH function code ARP packet.

A host that would receive such a packet ( broadcasted for all or for local
subnet) should compare the ARP contents with the originating address, and
then flush the corresponding routing table entry or flag it down. This
mechanism could be added to avoid timer rundowns. By the way I like that
timer concept.

An orderly downed host could broadcast that packet prior to it's halt,
and I think most operating systems (or, challenge for interface
designers, interface software could do that in a blip of last power in
case of power off) even could signal their bye from the net in panic state
or whatever the operating system has as last code (dump code) running
prior to a real crash. Most micros sense the power line for power up
and generate a power fail signal.

And: if this additional packet is created, it would not rule out
present implementations using ARP since they should ignore an invalid
packet (which is no REQUEST or other known type). Some call that upwards

Comments, flames, shootings???

And of course, this is my personal stuff.


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