Re: Summary: TCP/IP and NFS for the Mac

root (
6 Aug 88 01:20:32 GMT

This is a bit tangential an answer to the original question "Who has
NFS on MacOS?". For small machines there are NFS implementations
available for both the IBM PC and Amiga. Sun sells PC-NFS for the
IBM PC - package price is ~$900. Ameristar Technology sells NFS
for the Amiga - package cost also $900. Since part of my time
is spent at Ameristar, I'll allow myself the luxury of giving
their phone number: (516) 698-0834. You probably already know
how to contact Sun anyways :-).

                                Rick Spanbauer
                                Ameristar Technology

PS. I would like to hear from anyone who has a Gator Box.

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