Re: Moderated Newsgroup Posting
Sun, 7 Aug 88 14:59:16 PDT

It was clearly wrong of me to have elided an elision symbol after
my quotation. However, I rather resent being called "downright
dishonest." Granted that Olsen clearly believes that the problem is
TCP/IP, not any incompetence of the Ultrix group, remember that he
sells a product -- Ultrix -- that includes support for networking. It
would seem to me that the thrust of the quotation remains that Olsen is
not serious about delivering the TCP/IP based Ultrix networking that
DEC advertises. Phrased differently, I believe it fair to conclude
that Olsen in fact has no confidence that his Ultrix group can deliver
on DEC's marketing promises.

Another quotation out of context from the same source: "VAX is VMS."

This discussion is rapidly shifting away from topics of interest to
the TCP-IP mailing list, and to ones more appropriate to INFO-VAX.

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