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Walter Underwood (
Wed, 3 Aug 88 10:25:32 pdt

   A few weeks ago, i saw something mentioned concerning problems with
   HP systems with TCP/IP. ...

   We are currently looking at various vendors for networkable
   workstations, an HP is one of the contenders, if you or they can
   show us that their workstations support TCP/IP and/or Ethernet
   networking with minimal 'adjustments'.

I think this is worth answering to the whole list. HP's Unix
machines do implement a full TCP/IP, and do work with other systems.
The networking is based on 4.2 BSD, and will be upgraded to use the
Van Jacobson algorithms at the earliest possible time.

[The Unix boxes are the HP9000 Series 300 (68000-based) and HP9000
Series 800 (RISC-based). HP's name for their Unix OS is HP-UX.]

The HP3000 minicomputers (runnning MPE) use a limited version of the
TCP/IP protocols. They do not support UDP, use real 802.3 instead
of Ethernet, and use HP Probe instead of ARP. HP is working on
Ethernet and ARP for the HP3000.

The HP3000 uses proprietary login and file transfer protocols.
Regular ARPA services (Telnet, FTP, and SMTP) are available from The
Wollongong Group.

The HP1000 runs a TCP/IP which is similar to the HP3000, but the
1000 already support Ethernet, I believe.

If you have MPE systems, you need a gateway that talks 802.3 and
Probe. The only gateways that do that are the HP9000 series 300 and
series 800 machines (HP-UX), and boxes from cisco Systems, Inc.

Walter Underwood
HP Software Engineering Systems
Palo Alto, CA

PS: HP-UX can set Precedence and Security on TCP connections.
Anybody wanna try it?

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