TCP/IP and NFS for MacOS?

Dan Kegel (rochester!srs!
2 Aug 88 15:48:30 GMT

I'm asking this on behalf of a friend at a large defense contractor, who
doesn't have internet access (but does have lots of pretty missiles and guns).
He'd like to use his Unix boxes as file and CPU servers, and use a mix
of Mac SE and Mac 2 boxes as clients; Ethernet would be use to connect

We think there is an Ethernet card for the SE, so that's not a problem.

The question is software. We know about TOPS; however, it hasn't yet been
ported to his particular Unix box.
Can anybody suggest TCP/IP and (oh, please) NFS (that's Sun's Network File
System) packages that run under the Mac OS? Or any other networking

Please reply by e-mail, and I'll summarize.

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