Re: How many people receive TCP-IP

Roy Smith (phri!
2 Aug 88 13:36:48 GMT

enger@GBURG.SCC.COM writes:
> An easy way to get a start at the determination is to look at the main
> distribution list at the NIC. [...] some of those direct recipients are
> mail exploders. [...] perform the above process iteratively to get some
> idea of the ultimate number of recipients.

        And then, don't forget to add in all the people who read TCP-IP as
its usenet alter ego, The most recent stats from
Brian Reid (which somehow I missed the first time around, for no reason
that I can explain) estimate that something like 9800 people see this
material in that forum. My guess is that that far outweighs the count of
people who are on the mailing list, either directly or via mail exploders.

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