VMS TCP/IP software

1 Aug 88 18:07:00 EDT


I will have to concur that Wollongong is expensive, but to some extent
you get what you pay for. Those guys send engineers to all the networking
conferences. TWG seems to be incorporating some of the more important
protocol enhancements into their products in a timely fashion. Their version
3.2 software incorporates the Van Jacobson window adjustment scheme.

We use version 3.2 and are pretty happy with it. When all I can find to
complain about is CC: fields in the mailer (and thats a VMSmail problem really)
it can't be too bad a product, right?

The capability to keep up the with latest developments may become increasingly
important. The ability to respond to Usage Sensitive Charging by incorporating
a more efficient telnet may be a big win to your budget. If you use the TWG
package to connect to the wide area subnet you may appreciate their support
when BBN womps PSN 7.0 on you :-) .

Although I am not a user of the product, I have heard generally good reports
on the Multinet product. This product was (maybe still is) available from
SRI. I believe two of its developers have left SRI to persue the further
developement and enhancement of the product. You may wish to review the
recent TCP/IP archives to locate them.

Good luck in your quest,
Bob Enger
Contel Federal Systems

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