Re: TCP/IP _over_ TLI???? (was: TLI transport specific addresses)

Robert C. White Jr. (ucsdhub!jack!nusdhub!
30 Jul 88 00:19:41 GMT

More or less at this point I think I am going to do the following:

        1) Admit that the evidence indicates I am wrong.
        2) Apologize for the tone of my previous posting.
        3) Go for a long weekend away from my job and computer
                on the grounds that my attitude indicates excessive stress.
        4) Re-assert my sense of falibility.
        5) Set tuesday asside for an epic re-reading of the material.
        6) Resign myself for feeling stupid for a while.


Disclaimer: Sometimes it is tough to admit that you are *not*
        the all seeing, all knowing, master of time, space, and
        demension. ;-)

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