How many people receive TCP-IP
31 Jul 88 17:09:00 EDT

An easy way to get a start at the determination is to look at the
main distribution list at the NIC. Telnet to SRI-NIC.ARPA port 25
and type EXPN TCP-IP. I believe this will indicate the direct recipients.

Fortunately/unfortunately, some of those direct recipients are mail exploders.
You can perform the above process iteratively to get some idea of the ultimate
number of recipients. You will be limited unfortunately, by the fact that
not all mail systems support the EXPN command. Guess who doesn't?
Undoubtedly a FEATURE to enhance security :-) .

My good natured ribbing should not be missconstrued as dissatisfaction with
the product. TWG has already delivered product incorporating the
Jacobson window adjustment upgrades. A company that incorporates important
upgrades like that in a timely fashion IS OK IN MY BOOK.

Bob Enger
Contel Federal Systems

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