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29 Jul 88 09:33:17 GMT

In article <> (Gareth Howell) writes:
>I am looking for a source of RFCs. My company has a limited store of
>them, but some of the less used ones, like EGP GGP etc. are not in it.
>I don't have Internet access so cannot ftp them; can someone indicate
>their willingness to mail me a couple, preferably from a UK or EU site
>to save mail costs.

The info-server at SRI-NIC allows anyone to pick up RFC's by email. You
don't need to have Internet access (or speak FTP). Here's the details:

    NIC Mail Services November 1987

       This is an automated service provided by the DDN Network Information
    Center. It allows access to NIC documents and information via ordinary
    electronic mail. This is especially useful for people who do not have
    access to the NIC via a direct Internet link, such as BITNET, CSNET
    and UUCP sites.

       To use the mail service, send a mail message to To use the mail service, send a mail message to SERVICE@SRI-NIC.ARPA.
    In the SUBJECT field, request the type of service you wish followed by
    any needed arguments. The message body is normally ignored. Large files
    will be broken into smaller separate messages. The information you
    request will be sent back to you as soon as possible.

    The following services are currently available:

    HELP This message; a list of current services.
    RFC nnn nnn is the RFC number or the word INDEX.
    IEN nnn nnn is the IEN number or the word INDEX.
    NETINFO xxx xxx is a file name or the word INDEX.
    SEND xxx xxx is a fully specified file name.
    HOST xxx Returns information about host xxx.
    WHOIS xxx Returns information about xxx from the WHOIS service.
                    Use "WHOIS HELP" for information on how to use WHOIS.

    Example SUBJECT lines:
    RFC 822

    Send comments or suggestions to Send comments or suggestions to SUGGESTIONS@SRI-NIC.ARPA.
    Send questions and bug reports to Send questions and bug reports to NIC@SRI-NIC.ARPA.

For people in the UK, UCL keep most of the RFC's on-line and they are
readily available. They can be accessed by anonymous NIFTP and I think
there's also an info-server that will allow you to pick RFC's up by
email. Sadly, I can't put my hands on the file that had all the details
of how to fetch RFCs from UCL.


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