Remote Ethernet Bridge to Link Sites

Martin Holland (mcvax!ukc!stl!stc!idec!prlhp1!
28 Jul 88 20:22:53 GMT

One of our factory sites about 10 miles away has a group of Suns wishing
to connect with some Suns on out local Ethernet. They want E/Mail,UUCP
remote login and fast file transfer for Mbyte files. Their suggestion
is to install a remote bridge linking both Ethernets. I am worried about
security on our site as well as the possibility of the remote site
producing faults on our site. Am I worring about nothing?
Has anyone any ideas? The sites are currently linked by DecNet over a
9600 baud line but this could be uprated to 64K if necessary. The only
other links are by Case DCX which is a distributed terminal multiplexor
system for RS232. (probably not fast enough).
All ideas would be welcome (the cheaper the better)

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