RFC availability

Gareth Howell (mcvax!ukc!stc!idec!howellg@uunet.uu.net)
27 Jul 88 10:08:47 GMT

I am looking for a source of RFCs. My company has a limited store of
them, but some of the less used ones, like EGP GGP etc. are not in it.
I don't have Internet access so cannot ftp them; can someone indicate
their willingness to mail me a couple, preferably from a UK or EU site
to save mail costs. If you can help, can you email me with an index
73 Gareth

Gareth Howell  <howellg@idec.stc.co.uk>	 G6KVK @ IO91vx
ICL Financial Services,	London,	England, Tel:+44 (0)1 638 5622
howellg%idec%ukc@mcvax.uucp, mcvax!ukc!idec!howellg@uunet.uu.net
G6KVK @	G4SPV (uk packet 144.650MHz) g6kvk@g6kvk.ampr.org

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