Re: Instrumenting a TCP Implementation

Keith McCloghrie (kzm@TWG.COM)
Fri, 29 Jul 88 09:02:01 -0700

I apologise for bothering the net with my previous message. Immediately
after my fingers had typed the send command, I was kicking myself for
forgetting to edit the CC: line. Of course, I was also faced with the
dilemma of whether to compound my mistake by sending out an apology.

Such is the power of e-mail these days that 19 characters on a CC: line
can wake up hundreds/thousands of mailboxes, and even more people.
Does anybody know how many people read tcp-ip ? It would be interesting
to find out. I guess the only way would be to ask each individual/group
of recipients to mail in a response, and add up the numbers. Is there
any automation for this, i.e. email-survey-response processing code ?


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