Need TCP/IP software

Brent Callaghan (terra!
28 Jul 88 17:53:43 GMT

Nevil Brownlee at the University of Auckland, New Zealand
asked me to forward a request for info about TCP/IP software:

        A PC TCP/IP implementation I'd heard about
        is one from NCSA, i.e.

           National Centre for Supercomputing Applications
           University of Illinois, Urbana,
           Champaign, Illinois.

        The people at University of New South Wales told me that it's
                a) public domain
                b) available for the Mac (via the Kinetics box)
                   as well as the PC, and
                c) very good.

        Could you please try to find me an email address where
        I can enquire about it?

        Another topic of interest is TCP/IP drivers for the
        DEC DEPCA ethernet card and the Western Digital ethernet card. ??

If you can help please E-mail directly to him:!


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