New Internet Diagram (PostScript) Available via FTP

Brad Clements (
Wed, 27 Jul 88 11:28:08 EDT

      New Version of Internet Domain Diagram Now Available

A new version of the Internet Domain Diagram suitable for PostScript
compatible laser printers is now available via anonymous FTP from ( from the directory PostScript

There are two versions each in compressed and noncompressed form: (120K) and (30K) (120K) and (30K)

Both versions show the same information, in the same format. However,
simply enlarging the smaller of the two does NOT create the same
internal dimensions of the larger one (IE: the line thickness would change)
and would produce undesirable effects.
The first version uses six pages (3x2 grid) the second (less readable but
legible) uses two pages. Both versions print with some overlap so
that it is possible to tape them together seamlessly.

Note: The current Internet Diagram, available from SRI-NIC.ARPA requires
nine pages.

Each file is composed of 'compiled' postscript which is NOT
conforming postscript. The code was 'compiled' by running the original
PostScript code through a NeWS psh and can be printed on the
average PostScript laser printer in approximately five
minutes per page. The fonts /Helvetica and /Helvetica-Bold are all
the required fonts.

The original PostScript code is not available, but may be in the future.

For those who are interested, here's how the printouts where created:

The original code has embedded in it arrays within arrays which
describe any tree like topology. The postscript code attempts to maximize
the size of printed objects while traversing the tree and determining
each objects orientation.

The code was originally designed to provide an automatic method for
generating Clarkson University's Ethernet diagram.

The code is composed of four major parts:

        1. Prologue, subroutine definitions.
        2. Data. usually machine generated
        3. local definition mods (modifies data section)
        4. Trailer - printout format specifics (ie: size etc)

In the case of the Internet Diagram the data section was obtained
from the domain.list file from For the Clarkson
University diagram we obtain the data from the same database which
feeds our Nameserver.

You can also FTP a copy of the Clarkson University diagram from the
PostScript directory the file is (60K) and (15K).
This diagram uses distinct symbols for hosts,routers,bridges etc
Also included are various line and laser printers.

Clarkson University makes no representation or warranty as to the suitability
or reliability of these files. You may copy them for your own use.

You may direct inquiries or suggestions (always welcome) to

Please remember that these diagrams were not meant to be visually
appealing, but rather provide a quick means to automatically regenerate
our current network diagram without painstaking redrawing by hand.

Brad Clements (
Network Engineer
Clarkson University

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