FDDI Addressing a' la' RFC 1042

Jerry Merlaine (att!pacbell!belltec!jom@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
27 Jul 88 05:00:43 GMT

Dear Friends,

RFC 1042 describes standards for setting up addresses and ARPing and
whatnot for IEEE 802.3 (OSI funkey Ethernet), 802.4 (MAP),
and 802.5 (Token Ring). Is there any work going on in writing similar
standards for the new fiber optic standards, FDDI (Fiber Distributed
Data Interface) and QSPX (Draft 802.6 Metropolitan Area Network,
I forget what it stands for)?

Any words of wisdom from the Wise Old Men? FDDI chips are almost
here so it's time to get cracking...

Jerry O. Merlaine
Bell Technologies

These are not my opinions. I channel for Elvis Presley.

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