INTEROP 88: 3rd TCP/IP Conference and Exhibition

Ole J. Jacobsen (OLE@CSLI.Stanford.EDU)
Mon 25 Jul 88 11:31:38-PDT

INTEROP 88: The 3rd TCP/IP Interoperability Conference and Exhibition
will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center and Doubletree Hotel
from September 26 through 30th, 1988. The format is 2 days of tutorials
followed by 3 days of technical session (16 in all). For the first time,
there will also be an Interoperability exhibition where vendors will show
TCP/IP systems on a "Show and Tel-Net" which additionally will be connected
to the Internet.

A number of vendors, known as the "Netman" group will be demonstrating
an experimental network management system based on the ISO CMIP/CMIS

For more information on the conference contact:

Advanced Computing Environments
480 San Antonio Road, Suite 100
Mountain View, CA 94040
(415) 941-3399

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