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In article <In article <> In article <> (Dave Horsfall) writes:
>A fairly recent issue of CACM ("Notable Computer Networks") had an article
>on it, but I think it still mentioned SEISMO.

Quarterman, John S. and Hoskins, Josiah C., "Notable Computer Networks,"
Communications of the ACM, Volume 29, no. 10, pp. 932-971,
Association for Computing Machinery, New York, October 1986.

Seismo ceased being a gateway in September 1987, so, yes, NCN still
mentioned it. The examples you gave using UUNET will probably work.
Machines that understand MX records shouldn't have to indirect, though,
since OZ.AU is a legitimate domain with servers and a forwarder.

I'm near completion of a book that will be an update and expansion
of the article: John S. Quarterman, The Matrix: Computer Networks
and Conferencing Systems Worldwide, Digital Press, 1988. For example,
I'm working on the ACSnet section now, with its developers.

Suggestions, comments, etc., welcome.

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