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Dave Horsfall (munnari!otc!metro!ipso!stcns3!
22 Jul 88 06:14:44 GMT

In article <> westine@VENERA.ISI.EDU (Ann Westine) writes:
>>I have a user who is attempting to reach someone by electronic mail. The
>>person in question is on ACSnet and we are on Arpanet. The address
>>which we were given is >>which we were given is user@MONCSBRUCE.OZ (ACSNET)
>ACSNET is an Australian Network. Try one of the following paths:

Close, but not close enough. SEISMO stopped working ages ago, and that "ua"
(au mispelt?) could send it via the University of Adelaide...

Try one of the following, depending on whether you bang or domain (capitals
not necessary):

user%moncsbruce.OZ.AU@uunet.UU.NET, ...munnari!moncsbruce.OZ.AU!user

A fairly recent issue of CACM ("Notable Computer Networks") had an article
on it, but I think it still mentioned SEISMO.

Now, watch me get flamed by the local ACSnet "experts" ...

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