Re: TCP/IP and VMS

Gerard K. Newman (gkn@M5.Sdsc.Edu)
Sat, 23 Jul 88 19:43:29 GMT

        From: TENCATI@gpvax.JPL.NASA.GOV
        Subject: TCP/IP and VMS
        Date: Fri, 22 Jul 88 09:51:06 PDT

        Is there a product, or a way under VMS to get the source address of a TCP/IP
        connection entered into the accounting files?


What I did here was to run a program in SYS$SYLOGIN which pops into kernel mode
and plugs CTL$T_NODEADDR with the remote IP address of the connection. Handily,
CTL$T_NODEADDR is a counted string (believe it or not), and can accomodate a 4
byte IP address instead of the usual 3 byte DECnet address. While I'm in kernel
mode I also create the job-wide logical names SYS$REM_NODE and SYS$REM_ID.

A small patch to ACC.EXE allows it to display IP addresses in hex (but it has
the side effect of displaying DECnet addresses the same way).

I run the SRI Multinet software here. I notice from your message header that
you have the Excelan software; I can send you the code I use, but you'll have
to change it somewhat to do whatever magic is necessary to fetch the IP address
from an inbound terminal connection, as it is doubtless stored in a different


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