tn3270 and Ultrix 2.2

Thu, 21 Jul 88 13:54 EST

Well, I think that I have everything working now - thanks to
the help from the net.

Things to do:

In the DEFINES line of the makefile_4.2, put at least the


Change LIBCURSES to read

Change all occurences of <curses.h> to "....../curses.h",
where ....../ is the path to curses.h that comes with the

There are two files (I think) with <curses.h> in them -

telnet.c (change to ../curses/curses.h)

sys_curses/termout.c (change to ../../curses/curses.h)

Please note that I am using version 3 (beta) obtained from, and am basing my path descriptions on
the result of untarring that distribution.

As far as I can tell, everything seems to work properly,
without changes to the original curses.h or the termcap

Thanks for all the assistance.


PS - I haven't tried graphics yet . . . . .

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