Re: ACSNET Access

Robert Elz (munnari!munnari.oz!
21 Jul 88 11:51:40 GMT

In article <>, westine@VENERA.ISI.EDU (Ann Westine) writes:
> ACSNET is an Australian Network. Try one of the following paths:

Please don't... First, seismo no longer implements a gateway to anywhere,
and should no longer be used by anyone not communicating with a user at
the CSS.

Second, "" would place "moncsbruce" in the University
of Adelaide, which it isn't, just "moncsbruce.oz", or ""
works fine.

Third, while that revolting mixture of !'s and @'s is actually what a
return address looks like when Australian mail is seen on the internet,
I would never recommend it to anyone.

If you have a mailer that doesn't handle nameserver MX records, then you
should use

in the period while you are waiting for your mailer upgrade.

Then, just use

Robert Elz

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