3.2 on the 3/60

Steven D. Miller (steve@umiacs.UMD.EDU)
Thu, 21 Jul 88 14:19:39 EDT

   I just passed this along to Charles Hedrick, and I'll pass it along to
any others that might think the information useful: I've ported SunOS 3.2
to the 3/60. (Hedrick's rule used to be "a 3/60 is a 3/160"; my rule is "a
3/60 is a 3/160, except for the onboard SCSI, where it's a 3/50, and the
hi-res monochrome, where it's a 3/260, and the cgfour, where it's like
nothing else in 3.2.) I have the ported version running on color, hi-res,
and normal mono 3/60s with local disk, though I think it will work on other
3/60 variants, and it should work fine on other hardware supported in SunOS

   I have instructions for those who might wish them. If you don't have
sources, though, my instructions won't help you a bit. (Sorry.) I know
that my 3.2, for which I have sources and to which I've added almost-
reasonable subnet support, works better on a subnetted network than what
comes right off the tape... and Sun didn't tell us that we needed a System
V Release 3.0 license to get SunOS 3.4 or later sources until many months
after we'd placed our order.


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