Instrumenting a TCP Implementation

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Thu, 21 Jul 88 16:48:15 EDT


We, at the Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland, have
done an instrumentation of TCP/IP. Here is the abstract from the
Technical Report describing our work:

"We describe an instrumentation of TCP/IP that monitors different aspects of
a TCP connection, provides information about its performance, and displays
relationships between a variety of variables that reflect the state of the
connection. We define interface events for a TCP/IP connection, describe
how traces are obtained, how application processes initiate trace
collection, and how performance parameters are computed from these traces.
Data presentation tools are provided to generate different types of graphs.
The instrumentation has been done on a SUN 3/50 running UNIX (SUN OS 3.0
with 4.3BSD networking code)."

Interested persons can get a copy of the Report by sending mail to

or to any of the following:

Please quote the following numbers in your request:

CS-TR 2063 and UMIACS-TR 88-50

-Dheeraj Sanghi
Systems Design and Analysis Group,
Department of Computer Science
University of Maryland, College Park.

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