Our Serial Link

James Van Bokkelen (jbvb@vax.ftp.com)
Thu, 21 Jul 88 12:11:05 EDT

807f1964 is a Microvax running Ultrix 2.0, with SLIP added. The modems are
v.32, 9.6Kb. The other end of the link is on MIT's subnet 10 (ProNet-10),
and is a Microvax running the MIT "C-gateway code". Both ends of the link
use DHV-11s. The Ultrix TCP (unmodified) has occasionally shown a willingness
to fill the SLIP transmit queue with retransmissions, but I have never heard
any other reports of your symptoms.

If you want to tinker, give me a call, and we can see how it works fetching
files from a PC on the LAN that the Ultrix Microvax serves as a gateway for.
I can also run LANWatch, and see exactly what is going on at the packet level.

James VanBokkelen
FTP Software Inc.

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