Re: some interim notes on the bsd network speedups

Charles Hedrick (!!
20 Jul 88 20:44:35 GMT

>.... And I think I heard Chuck Hedrick say [Sun] 4.0 has all the
>rlogin, URG and nameserver bugs that we fondly remember fixing
>in 3.x. And he has to get source before the academic year
>starts or they won't be able to switch until a semester break.

It's not enough to get the source before Sept 1. I need to get it
soon enough that I can fix all the problems and get through an
internal release cycle before Sept. 1. That time has now been passed.
We are committed to 3.2 on our student machines until January 89. We
are backing out of 4.0 on some of our student test machines, and
praying that we get source soon enough that we don't have to back out
of the rest. We have 3/60's that require software more recent that
our standard 3.2, but without source we can't bring up 4.0. So we are
now having to put together a release based on 3.2 with pieces of 3.5
added, all because we can't get the source at the same time as the

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