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Wed, 20 Jul 88 15:36:16 PDT

>> Date: Wed, 20 Jul 88 08:59:30 EDT
>> From: (Doug Peterson)
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>> Subject: Sun OS
>> It strikes me that the time is near for such individuals to converge
>> and produce the Berkeley equivalent of an OS for a distributed
>> computing system such as a collection of diskless Sun workstations
>> connected to a file server, which is in turn a gateway to another network.
>> It seems that such a group could incorporate all the improvements which
>> have been learned about both in networking and client/server situations,
>> and produce a more performance oriented operating system, and make it
>> available to the academic/research community.
>> Too often (I think), I've seen postings to this list complaining of a
>> Sun OS (problem/feature/bug), with a response from Sun to the effect that
>> it's not an issue (ehternet connectors? name resolver?). I'm beginning
>> to sense a slight overtone of '...If our system doesn't do what it's
>> supposed to for you, well...'

This is exactly one of the reasons that Stallman is doing GNU.

Eric B. Decker

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