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Doug Peterson (
Wed, 20 Jul 88 08:59:30 EDT

I've seen a lot of negative comments about Sun's unwillingness to
port (incorporate) 4.3BSD networking capabilities into their operating
system. Those that are incorporated seem to also include the 4.2/3 bugs.
These unhappy people are also the mainstay of the network knowledge base
in the community.

It strikes me that the time is near for such individuals to converge
and produce the Berkeley equivalent of an OS for a distributed
computing system such as a collection of diskless Sun workstations
connected to a file server, which is in turn a gateway to another network.
It seems that such a group could incorporate all the improvements which
have been learned about both in networking and client/server situations,
and produce a more performance oriented operating system, and make it
available to the academic/research community.

Too often (I think), I've seen postings to this list complaining of a
Sun OS (problem/feature/bug), with a response from Sun to the effect that
it's not an issue (ehternet connectors? name resolver?). I'm beginning
to sense a slight overtone of '...If our system doesn't do what it's
supposed to for you, well...'

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