ACSnet access

RichDeJordy, x295 (RAD@VAX01.AMS.COM)
Tue 19 Jul 88 09:54:19-EDT

I hope someone on this list can help me.

I have a user who is attempting to reach someone by electronic mail. The
person in question is on ACSnet and we are on Arpanet. The address
which we were given is


I've tried various stategies to send mail to this host. My mailer won't
accept this as is. After searching through variou header files, I eventually
tried routing it through, but received no reply, so I assume it never
got there. Can anyone tell my is there is a gateway or something out there
that will route this for me?

        (Oh yes, I tried all permutations of .oz and .au that I could
        think of as well, still having my mailer tell me that they were
        unknown hosts.)

Thanks in advance,
Richard DeJordy
Systems Programmer
American Mathematical Society
Post Office Box 6248
Providence, RI 02104
(401) 272-9500

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