VMS TCP/IP software news

Kenneth Adelman (adelman@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM)
Mon, 18 Jul 88 11:39:47 PDT

    As many of you probably have heard, David Kashtan accepted a
position with another company to work on their TCP project. I would
like to announce, however, that this is not happening.

    After much thought and many discussions, David and I have joined
together to form a new company, called TGV.

    TGV has acquired a license from SRI International to the MultiNet
family of software (including MM-32 and Software Tools Mail
Gateway-II). TGV will market and maintain the software. We will also
offer maintenance and other services to the existing MultiNet

    David and I can still be reached, for the time being, at SRI.

                                            Kenneth Adelman

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