Los Alamos' High Speed Channel--Info anybody?

Steve Goldstein (goldstei@mitre.arpa)
Mon, 18 Jul 88 11:00:23 EDT


June '88 Defense Science (pg 18) tells of LANL's High Speed Channel development by
Don Tolmie, Michael McGowen, and Gene Dornhoff. "The HSC appears headed toward
quick adoption as a computer industry standard. ... HSC is a package of wires
that carries about 800 million bits of computer information each second ...
Tolmie says the superfast link has attracted the interest of 80
manufacturers ... including ... IBM, Digital, and Cray...
American National Standards Istitute...
is expected to make it an industry standard for high-speed computer communic-
ations by late 1988...The HSC is surprisingly simple in concept and design...
iMcGowen ... and the others adaptedn a ... link they had been using for
about 10 years, making it shorter, doubling its wires, and increasing the speed.And by converting ... to fiber optics, ...their distances can be increased
almost indefinitely"

I guess I have been asleep at the switch. Anybody have any info/thoughts to
share on this development? How does it fit into the IP world (or does it)?

All info appreciated--even flames for my being so out of touch!

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