More on HP 3000 (MPE/V) TCP/IP

Dave Crocker (dcrocker@TWG.COM)
17 Jul 88 13:16:00 PDT

Since I am not a representative of HP, I cannot issue any comments about
their product plans. Certainly, HP is aware of the interoperability issues
with their current implementation. They follow a form of IP-over-802.2
that was a candidate for being a standard (and was published in an early
standard) but which was recently superceded. And, yes, they use a
different -- and more powerful -- protocol than ARP.

Bottom line, for now, is that the only gateway that you can use is one that
was tailored precisely for interoperabilty with HP
HP's product. I am only aware of cisco and Wollongong offering such

Dave Crocker

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