TFTP mode strings

Fri, 15 Jul 88 13:24:22 BST

The problem with the TFTP standard is that although RFC 783 was published
in 1981, the 1985 DDN protocol handbook still contains the superceded IEN 133,
and has no reference to RFC 783. Somehow I managed to get as far as
implementing TFTP without ever seeing RFC 783 !!
(It is used for booting in our SpiderPort TCP/IP Ethernet terminal server.)

Fortunately, there were plenty of implementations to test against, which
made it clear the mode strings defined in IEN 133 were not those in
real use - so SpiderPort uses "octet" mode.

Can I suggest any future editions of the protocol handbook rectify this ?

Keith Mitchell

Spider Systems Ltd.
65 Bonnington Road 65 Bonnington Road
Edinburgh, Scotland
+44 31-554 9424 ...!uunet!ukc!spider!keith

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