Re: Help on TCP/IP for HP

Hans Breitenlohner (
15 Jul 88 23:14:18 GMT

In article <> wunder@sde.hp.COM (Walter Underwood) writes:
>Wollongong offers FTP, Telnet, and SMTP for the 3000. Again, the link
>layer only talks 802.3, not Ethernet. Gateways from cisco will talk
>802.3 to the 3000, and will forward the packets in Ethernet to systems
>on the other side of the gateway.
I have been told that, in addition to the 802.3/Ethernet problem, HP 3000s
also use some mechanism other than ARP for address resolution. Is this
correct, and could you shed some more light on this? There are other
routers now which support 802.3, will they work with HP software?

Can you give any information as to if and when HP3000s will talk
to Ethernets, and if ARP will be supported at that time?

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