Re: default broadcast address

Drew Daniel Perkins (
Fri, 15 Jul 88 18:06:05 -0400 (EDT)

> *Excerpts from 12-Jul-88 Re: default broadcast address*
> *Charles > *Charles Hedrick@princeto (991)*

> I don't know whether this is what actually happens in
> 4.3BSD, but I know what *should* happen. The application should use
> net.subnet.-1.

> That way they can all be -1 or 0, etc., but your application can still
> specify which interface to use.
I don't think this is appropriate for all implementations. The ip layer
shouldn't be second guessing the application. Some applications may want to
send to -1 and some may want to send to net.subnet.-1. 4.3BSD is broken
because it doesn't allow an application to send to -1 yet still specify which
interface to use. It could use some out-of-band indication such as bind() or
an ioctl(). I.e. if you bind() to the address of a particular interface (vs.
INADDR_ANY) and send to -1 it could route the packet to the interface of the
address to which you are bound.


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