Re: UUCP Over TCP/IP (why?)

Grant Kerr (oodis01!
15 Jul 88 18:18:16 GMT

In article <In article <387@comdesign.UUCP> In article <387@comdesign.UUCP> pst@comdesign.uucp (Paul Traina) writes:
>Pardon my ignorance, but I'm confused about running uucp over TCP links.
>My question is why? The ftp/smtp/bsmtp interface seems much better for
>handling files & mail, and for those who run it, the rsh interface seems
>better than uux. So, I ignorantly ask, why do some folk run uucp over TCP?
>There must be some sort of intelligent reason it was added...(?)

One reason is that uucp over tcp adds fault tolerance over just plain uucp.
You can setup your L.sys to try a network tcp connection first and if that fails
due to network problems then it (uucp) can also try other means namely a
dialup modem. If you are using smtp only and the network is down then the
mail waits.

Grant Kerr
Control	Data Corporation
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