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Subject: Re: Comer's TCP/IP (List of Errors ?)

Yes, here it is. I asked Narten to post it to the TCP/IP mailing list
(twice) but he didn't. I just found that out on the trip when i told him
I'm still getting lots of duplicates.

                                E R R A T A 5/6/88

                        Douglas Comer,
                        Internetworking with TCP/IP -
                        Principles, Protocols, and Architecture
                        Prentice-Hall Inc., 1988 (printing 1)
                        ISBN 0-13-470154-2 025

Page Line Problem
----- ---- -----------------------------------------------------------
cover boundary missing between Wisconsin and Michigan; boundary
                incorrect between Washington & Oregon
contents Section 2.6 starts on bottom of page 22, not 23
  5 20 ink spot over "n" in "common"
 23 -4 first footnote belongs on page 22
 36 diagram has right side of rightmost box missing
 40 In Figure 4.1, Class C prefix should be "1 1", not "1 0"
 40 23 incorrect value for 2 to 16th power "65636" => "65536"
 68 Minimum MTU may be confusing: gateways are required to handle
                datagrams up to the MTU size supported by the networks to
                which they attach; 576 is only a minimum MTU they handle
140 Figure 12.7 is misleading: CODE field is 6 bits long
107 14 "Dissembler" => "Dissassembler"
190 -7 "Mark Feder" => "Mark Fedor"
190 -7 "gated" should be italicized
253 -3 incorrect apostrophe "like'gateways" => "like gateways"
272 12 "a separate system has" => "a separate system call has"
276 -9 "16-bite" => "16-bit"
295 -14 "less then 100-n" => "less than 100-n"
305 -9 In the title of RFC 980 "Order Form" => "Order Information"
index Reference for "DARPA" should be page 22, not 23
index Uppercase and lowercase index entries are treated as
                different, resulting in mulitple listings (e.g., "time to
                live" and "Time To Live")
throughout ISO is not a direct acronym in any language, so
                "International Standards Organization" should be
                "International Organization for Standardization"
throughout "Network Operations Center" is sometimes "Network Operation Center"
throughout ARPANET packet switch referenced inconsistently as:
                        "Packet Switch Node,"
                        "Packet Switched Node," and
                        "Packet Switching Node"
throughout X.400 is a CCITT recommendation, not an ISO standard. The
                joint ISO/CCITT work is called MHS. The latest CCITT
                recommendation is "1988 X.400" or "X.400(88)".
throughout Although TP4 is analogous to TCP in some senses, it is NOT
                stream oriented

RFC changes:

   Yes, I know RFCs continue to evolve. The reader is warned that no
printed list will remain current; we encourage anyone interested in RFCs
to obtain the latest version of the index (see appendix 3 for details).

Typos and suggestions:

   There will definitely be a revision of the text. Send typos and
suggestions for changes to:


Thanks to everyone who submitted the above. Also, note the date on this
list -- it was compiled so I could get changes into the second printing.
There is lots more that I haven't had time to process yet. --Doug

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