Re: Wollongong, Recvfrom, and UDP
Thu, 14 Jul 88 21:44:52 PDT

>> Date: Thu, 14 Jul 88 13:49:24 PDT
>> From: mcc@ETN-WLV.EATON.COM (Merton Campbell Crockett)
>> Subject: Re: Wollongong, Recvfrom, and UDP
>> Don't understand why you're proud that you can read MACRO when you have to!
>> MACRO is wonderfully explicit unlike C which lacks clarity and Ada which is
>> totally obscure.

Let's not get religious here. Sure MACRO is explicit but that is different
than clarity. MACRO is clear when you understand it. I think this is
generally true for any language (computer that is). To someone that doesn't
know the machine the MACRO is for a program will be very obscure. But
that isn't true for the higher level languages. That is once you understand
the language.


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