Re: PC FTP for NI-5210-8 interface

Russ Nelson (!
15 Jul 88 03:03:34 GMT

In article <8807121731.AA07491@msc2.TN.CORNELL.EDU> doug@MSC2.TN.CORNELL.EDU (Doug Neuhauser) writes:
>I am looking for a TCP/IP implementation, in particular user FTP (publicly
>accessible) that works with the Micom-Interlan NI-5210-8 PC Ethernet
>interface. Can anybody refer me to one? I believe KAQ9 may support this,
>but alas, I don't know where to get KAQ9.

I have a driver for the ni5210 for KA9Q. I have given the changes to
bdale, and he says that it will appear in the next version. Phil is
also working on supporting FTP Software's packet driver spec. As soon
as I can find time, I'll get a copy of it (from,
pub/ka9q, the version on louie is *always* a beta version, caveat
betaor) and write a driver for the ni5210.

There's also NCSA Telnet, which provides a FTP server in their 'telnet'
program. It supports the 3c501, NI5210 and recently the wd8003.
NCSA Telnet is available from host (

nelson@clutx.bitnet,,	uunet!!nelson

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