UUCP Over TCP/IP (why?)

Paul Traina (ucsbcsl!comdesign!pst@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
14 Jul 88 21:53:13 GMT

Pardon my ignorance, but I'm confused about running uucp over TCP links.

My question is why? The ftp/smtp/bsmtp interface seems much better for
handling files & mail, and for those who run it, the rsh interface seems
better than uux. So, I ignorantly ask, why do some folk run uucp over TCP?
There must be some sort of intelligent reason it was added...(?)

My only guess would be for folks running TCP terminal servers hooked into
dial-in/dial-out modems .. the remote site dials into the modem, goes via
tcp to the host, and runs uucp as if the modem was direct-connected to
the host.

Since I don't run 4.3 myself (Sun, where are you? Get real.) I don't have
the benefit of a 4.3 doc set to explain why I want TCP/UUCP.

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