re: default broadcast address
Thu, 14 Jul 88 17:00:56 PDT

>> First, try to follow the robustness principle: hosts should accept
>> AS BROADCASTS all the possible (i.e., legal or formerly legal)
>> broadcast addresses.

        Hosts should also accept AS BROADCASTS any packet that was sent to the
        link layer broadcast (and mulitcast???) address regardless of what the
        IP address was.
                                                        David Bridgham

Well, now, I would not put it quite that way. To be an acceptable
IP broadcast datagram, it must have a recogizable IP broadcast address
in its destination field. The problem we need to solve is the havoc
(broadcast storms, etc) created by datagrams which arrive by local
network broadcast but do not have a recognizable IP broadcast address.
The discussions in the IETF Host Requirements Working Group have
concluded that the best thing to do with such datagrams is SILENTLY

Bob Braden

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