Re: default broadcast address
Thu, 14 Jul 88 14:14:50 PDT

        Assuming "-1" is "all ones" is, to me, a 2's complement bias. Coming from a
        1's complement environment, I misinterpreted this and shot my mouth off.
        Sorry, folks. I'm just learning about all this network stuff.

        [I still have a problem with some wording in RFC1009, but am not sure this
        is the proper place to raise it. Can someone advise me on this?]
        John G Dobnick
        Computing Services Division @ University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
        UUCP: <backbone>!uwvax!uwmcsd1!jgd


We plead guilty of 2's-complement bigotry. I actually did not know there
are still 1's complement machines in the world, in fact...

Please send along any and all comments and suggestions on RFC0-1009 to
us. We are starting to think about the first revision.

     Bob Braden

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