Thu, 14 Jul 88 14:41:32 EDT

        I have an interest in uucp file transfer over Telnet
going through a TAC to connect to a host. I am sending the file from
a Unisys 5000/50 using System V unix operating system to a Sun using
4.2 BSD. unix operating system. The transfer was successful using a
2400 Hayes compatible modem. When tried over the network uucp failed to
start the protocol at the remote site after achieving a connection and a
login at the remote site. Received a message (alarm 1) through (alarm 25)
before timing out. The LOGFILE message was startup failed. My ultimate
question is, has anyone done a uucp transfer successfully and is there
something I'm missing. All documentation on uucp is very sketchy.
The ultimate goal of my uucp testing is to be able to transfer files
through a TAC to sites overseas.

Please respond directly to me because I'm not on the distribution list.

                                        Louie C. Manganiello
                                        NARDAC Wash.
                                        Washington Navy Yard
                                        Washington D.C. 20374

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