Re: Netman & Internet Engineering Task Force

Thu 14 Jul 88 14:01:21-EDT

Larry, The NETMAN geneology is as follows:

NETMAN is a working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).
(The IETF is one of a dozen or so Task Forces of the Internet Activities
Board (IAB) and is concerned with near term issues of the entire suite
of protocols surrounding TCP/IP.) (The IAB is the governing body of technical
researchers and implementors that guides research and approves all standards
effortsfor the Internet suite of protocols.)

Membership of the NETMAN group is open to all who are interested in developing
networkmanagement protocols for TCP/IP networks that use the OSI network
management framework. (The basic rationale is that someday we will have to
manage both styles of network entities, so we may as well do one that
encompasses both suites.) The actual membership of the NETMAN group is
about 25 organizations, mostly vendors, but some big users also. The group
has been meeting for over a year by now and has developed a large amou8nt
of documentation. It is planning a demonstration of its progress to date
in late September of this year.

The chair of the NETMAN group is Lee LaBarre of Mitre Corp. Net address
is .

This is a very short summary of what NETMAN is and where it fits.

Further information can be found in the monthly newsletter ConneXions.
"The Network Managment Working Group", Amatzia Ben-Artzi, November, 1987.
"An Overview of the IAB", Jon Postel, December, 1987.
"Network Management Standards", Vint Cerf, June, 1988.

Also, RFC 1052, "IAB Recommendations for the Development of Internet
Network Managment Standards" is excellent reading on this subject.

Hope this helps you. In short, the work in this field is being done by
numerous people who are working very hard to make it possible to
successfully run large networks.


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