Two V2.0 sites 2000 miles apart

13 Jul 88 01:09:00 PST

We have two sites separated from each other by a continent.

Both sites have (1) 10MHz DECNet, (2) 10 MHz Local Area Transport, LAT,
(3) TCP/IP 10 MHz, and, will someday want to share some NFS mounts.

I have one 9600 baud line currently remoting one 16 channel stat mux. I
have some weak hope of some day getting another line. I have an ever growing
number of users on VT100/200s trying to do full screen data base apps
over this 9600b service.

NOT looking for the outfit which has hardware for one protocol at a time
.. and messes with the network layer.

My users need much more flexibility. Not asking for vendor tauts.

Who has real protocol transparent bridging products in service which can
COST EFFECTIVELY transport all the protos above, together?

Maybe use parallel routes with load sharing? I can not get next to the
$50K per end type solutions!

Is that here and performing for any of you this year?? Thanks .. Ev

         | Everett F. Batey II } { UUCP: sun!tsunami!suned1!efb |
         | USNSWSES - Code 4V43 } { ARPA: efbatey@NSWSES.ARPA |
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