tn3270 and Ultrix 2.2

Tue, 12 Jul 88 21:17 EST

I am gradually getting Ultrix 2.2 to be a useful network
system. However, I have not been able to get the latest
version of tn3270 to run properly. I have tried both the
generic 4.3 makefile (__putchar defined more than once), and
the 4.2 makefile (reverse video output, improper handling of
<CRLF>, and a host of other small problems). I am using the
latest version from (obtained this

The binaries obtainable from for Sun
3s work fine on a Sun in conjunction with an IBM 3033
running MVS/SP and ACCES/MVS 2.0, so I think that ACCES/MVS
can deal with tn3270 porperly.

Any clues would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Eggers

BITNET: BITNET: cf4a8x@irishmvs

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